Part 59 I was asked not too long ago about the wedding in Cana recorded in John chapter 2. Often times people will use the wedding at Cana to defend drinking alcoholic beverages by saying that Jesus drank wine at the wedding in Cana, so it is acceptable for Christians to drink wine. On the surface, this seems like an obvious and simple conclusion. From further study, one can know from reading other passages of scripture that the word “wine” does not always refer to the alcoholic beverage. The Hebrew and Greek words that were translated “wine” can also mean grape juice depending on the context (Judges 9:13; Is. 65:8). Furthermore, if Christ had transformed water into an alcoholic beverage and then given it out to His fellow brethren, then He would have violated the Old Testament law under which He was born (Gal. 4:4; Hab. 2:15; Prov. 23:30-31).

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