The weather has been nice. Temps are getting hotter and the humidity has dropped a little as the first days of summer have hit. Let’s keep praying that God will bless us with some more rain throughout the summer months. Continue to be really careful with any FIRE!!!! This time of the year with high winds, it is very dangerous to burn anything! Please remember those who are sick or shut-in in our community or those who have community ties. These people need our prayers and maybe drop them a card or stop by to visit for a few minutes. Concern list—Bill Boulware, Dana Carter, Gerri and Kenny Baker, Rhonda Lovelace, Janie Espinosa, Sue Flick, Mary John Carter, Marie Campbell, Mrs. Donald (Twinkle) Wilson, Michael Linville, Janada Wilson Wing, Geneva Miller, Mary Lou Barnard, and Judy and Bob Marshall.

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