It was a day for celebration – it was July 4th, the birthday of the nation. It was also the birthday of E.B. Savage of Hammon and her daughter, Mrs. L.L. Males, Cheyenne. In observance of the day a group of friends and relatives gathered at Dead Indian Park, north of Cheyenne, for a breakfast. In the group were Mr. & Mrs. Mel Danner, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Trammell, Mr. & Mrs. K.C. Perryman, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Savage, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Frank Moad, Mr. & Mrs. G.B. Purcell, Dr. & Mrs. Frank Buster, Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Pankey, Mr. & Mrs. L.L. Males, Mr. & Mrs. Jijm Hess, Mrs. Helen Trieves, Mrs. Lee Wells, Mrs. John Casady, Mrs. Ramey Wilson, Jodie Moad, Truman Farmer, Lonnie Farmer, Mrs. Rogna Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Crane, Ted Savage, Mrs. E.B. Savage, Cathy Purcell, Brent Ewing & Steve Pankey, Lee Hess, Becky Wallace and Bobby Beckham, Joe Bill & Joe Beth Moad, Kent Perryman, Bob Purcell, Dana Wilson, Dawn Kirby and James Roy Rogers.

Russell Dobson of Cheyenne, won first place in Championship in the Elk City Golf Tournament which ended Sunday. Dobson and his partner were tied when they started on the last hole of the last round. A 6-foot put won for the Cheyenne man. The prize given was 40,000 Green Stamps. Others from this area in the tournament were C.H. Redden, Rusty Ellis, Jack Scroggins, Jim Don Mogg and Jim Jones.

The bookmobile loaned out 11,046 books and the Cheyenne library loaned 7,808 books during the past year. That is an average of 55 books per day. The Open-Air All-Church All-County Revival will be held in Cheyenne July 20-27. The Evangelist will be Rev. O.Dean Martin of Nashville, Tennessee. The Song Leader will be Rev. Tom Richichi of Clinton and the Pianist will be Mrs. L.L. Males, Mrs. Earnest Isch and Miss Barbara Lemon, all of Cheyenne. Cooperating Churches include – Cheyenne: Rev. Roy Weaver, Methodist; Rev. Jaunice Parkhurst, Pentecostal; Rev. Ray Milligan, Nazarene; Father Hohen, Catholic & Fred Cordell, Baptist. Reydon: Rev. Ben O’Dell, Assembly of God; Rev. Roy Weaver, Methodist & O.T Park, Baptist. Durham: Rev. Ray Smart, Baptist. Strong City: Rev. Lee Vaughn, Baptist; Crawford: Rev. A.L. Martin, Baptist. Red Star: Rev. Clyde Denny, Brethren in Christ and Hammon: Rev. Paul Whitaker, Baptist.

Mrs. Lida Leddy had the misfortune to fall on her front porch when a wind and dust storm hit and the screen door knocked her down and broke her hip. She underwent surgery on June 29th at the Cheyenne Hospital by Dr. Shriner of Hobart and Dr. Buster of Cheyenne. Mrs. Leddy is doing just fine, she was 91 years young on June 28th. She has lived on the same farm, northeast of Roll, for 69 years. This is the first time she has been in the hospital in her life, so it was all a new experience for her. The Cheyenne Star July 10, 1969