COMPLETION Custer County SE/4 of 9-15-15, Frans Half, Continental Res., Total Depth 21,653 Dewey County NE/4 of 20-16-14, Minton 1-20, Reeder Energy, Total Depth 10,800 Ellis County NW/4 of 20-17-24, Ansley Dawn, LE Norman, Total Depth 12,480 Roger Mills County SW/4 of 10-15-26, Earle USA, LE Norman, Total Depth 15,210 NW/4 of 22-14-24, Farrell, Apache, Total Depth 16,220

DRY HOLE Beckham County SE/4 of 10-10-26, Joe Cotton 1-10, Chesapeake, Total Depth 16,737

INCREASED DENSITY Ellis County Section 26-20-24 Jones Energy

POOLING Custer County Section 25-14-14, 24-14-14 Continental Resources Dewey County Section 21-17-16 Mewbourne Oil Company Ellis County Section 21-17-23 Fourpoint Energy Company Roger Mills County Section 4-11-23 Fourpoint Energy Company

SPUD Custer County NW/4 of 28-15-14, Hamar, Continental Res, Total Depth 24,518 Dewey County NW/4 of 29-17-19, Riverview Ranch, JMA, Total Depth 13,579 Ellis County NE/4 of 21-17-24, Layla Lee, LE Norman, Total Depth 13,103

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