Part 175 I am often asked about the biblical truth or perspective of Christmas around this time of year. There are those who want nothing to do with the celebrations of Christmas because they see the celebration as unbiblical, while others feel absolutely sure that Jesus was born on December 25th. It was asked, “Was Jesus born on December 25th, and if He wasn’t born on December 25th, then is it still wrong to celebrate the holiday?” When examining scripture, no verse specifies on what day Christ was born, nor does Christ provide Christians with the authority to designate such a time for a “holy day,” which is where the word “holiday” is derived. The Chronography of A.D. 354 contains the earliest evidence in history for celebrating December 25th as a Christian liturgical feast for the birth of Christ. The Western Roman Christian Church (Catholics) established the date, and the date was later adopted by the Eastern Orthodox Church in coordination with their previously established Epiphany (the eastern liturgical feast celebrating the birth of Christ on January 6th).

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