Part 164 Someone once approached me about the worship service and what the church teaches about biblical worship. The person asked, “You say there are different kinds of worship, so what is the real worship, and what all do you do?” Christ first used the term “vain” worship in describing those individuals who worship God through traditions of men rather than the instructions of God (Matt. 15:9). Christ likewise called them “hypocrites” for claiming to be godly, but their heart is with the praise of men (Matt. 15:7,8). Christ met several people in His ministry more concerned about their reputation among men than their obedience to God (John 12:42; Matt. 23:23-29). Paul further described the worship of putting the wants of people above the instruction of God as “will worship” (Col. 2:23). While there may be different names for false worship, it is essentially the same root problem; people want to worship their way whether God gave authorization or not!

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