Dewey County
Section 5-17-18, Myers Family, Mewboune Oil, Total Depth 13,970
Section 7-19-17, Bivens, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 11,532
Ellis County
Section 33-20-24, Rockies, Jones Energy, Total Depth 8,575
Section 30-18-24, Word, PPP Petroleum, Total Depth 13,985
Section 30-18-24, Word, PPP Petroleum, Total Depth 14,160
Section 18-18-22, Juanita, Valpoint Operating, Total Depth 14,537


Custer County
SW/4 of 16-15-14, Cowden, Continental Resources, Total Depth 13,000
SW/4 of 22-14-14, Schrock, Unit Petroleum, Total Depth 20,705
Dewey County
Section 8-19-17, Anita, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 21,500
Section 8-19-17, Myrna, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 15,400
Section 9-19-17, Heath, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 21,300
Section 7-19-15, Irving, Newfield Expl, Total Depth 15,006
SE/4 of 28-19-14, Hewitt, Crawley Petroleum, Total Depth 14,500
NW/4 of 32-19-17, Donnel, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 21,500
NW/4 of 31-19-17, Earl, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 17,300
SE/4 of 16-15-17, Kathleen, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 16,300
Ellis County
Section 4-19-26, Walleye, Mewbourne Oil, Total Depth 13,412
SW/4 of 24-19-26, Knowles, Fourpoint Energy, Total Depth 19,900
NE/4 of 22-18-25, Parker, Fourpoint Energy, Total Depth 14,260
NE/4 of 21-22-26, Sheffield, Mewbourne Oil, Total Depth 15,576


Dewey County
Section 16-19-17, Tapstone Energy
Section 2-19-17, Tapston Energy
Section 15-19-14, Newfield Exploration
Section 22-19-14, Newfield Exploration
Ellis County
Section 33-20-26, Mewbourne Oil Company
Roger Mills County
Section 14-12-24, LE Norman Operating

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