Custer County
SE/4 of 3-14-15, Eyster, Continental Resources, Total Depth 22,526
Ellis County
SW/4 of 28-24-23, Burgess, Black Mesa, Total Depth 8,125
SE/4 of 14-18-23, Terry, Valpoint Operating, Total Depth 18,758
Ellis County
SW/4 of 3-17-24, Feilder, EOG Resources, Total Depth 20,561
Custer County
NE/4 of 25-15-14, Lola Comer, Newfield Expl, Total Depth 21,307
NW/4 of 20-14-14, Wild Goose, Continental Res., Total Depth 25,858
Dewey County
N/2 of 5-19-15, Geneivie, Newfield Expl., Total Depth 14,419
SW/4 of 31-20-14, Mission, Sandridge, Total Depth 13,753
SE/4 of 32-18-19, Leah, White Star Petroleum, Total Depth 14,000
N/2 of 3-19-17, Louthan, Tapstone Energy, Total Depth 16,700
Roger Mills County
SW/4 of 13-11-23, Plummer Woods, JMA Energy, Total Depth 18,312

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